We all know how wonderful Rosa Ortiz is, and how her smile has been lighting up The Caledonia lobby for nearly 5 years now, but there were quite a few things I was surprised to learn about Rosa during our Q&A Interview.

Lance: Where were you born and raised?

Rosa: I was born in the South Bronx as one of five sisters and two brothers. I am the last one in the line of children. My mother is still in the South Bronx in the house that I grew up in. She never wants to leave because she is well known in the community and they all love each other. I still have most of my siblings pretty close by: three live in the Bronx, one lives in Long Island, and the other one lives in Pennsylvania.

Lance: Where do you live now?

Rosa: Now I live in Howard Beach, a beautiful area, with my husband. I met him at a party about 15 years ago and we have been together ever since.

Lance: Where is your family originally from?

Rosa: My parents are both from Ponce, Puerto Rico.  Actually a couple of my sisters were born there. I love Puerto Rico. I love the beach, the river, the Gauncha (where you play basketball, football, etc), and all the food: cuchifrito (pork fritters), rice and beans, chicken, plantains, and I love the mango. I haven’t been back in years but I promised my Mom I would go soon because she is upset with me about that.

Lance: Do you like to cook?

Rosa: I do like to cook and I usually cook about two or three times a week. My husband cooks the rest of the time. He’s awesome.

Lance: What are some of your passions and hobbies?

Rosa: I love jet skiing. I love camping in The Poconos and fishing in The Catskills. And I love trying new restaurants with my girlfriends.

Lance: Where are your favorite places in New York City?

Rosa: I love the restaurant, Caliente. The food and drinks are awesome and the place is homey. I love going to different stores in the West Village and I love Chelsea Piers and Central Park.

Lance: Do you have any children?

Rosa: Yes I have a beautiful 20 year old daughter, Danielle, who lives in Florida. I enjoyed only having one daughter. I loved the fact that I had all the time in the world for her and that I was able to put all my effort and time into her. She also loves it. She tells me, “Mom, I love the fact that I’m the only one in your eyes.” She says she loves all the time we spend together on the phone or facetime or on text constantly. She’s very sweet.

Lance: What do you like most about being part of The Caledonia team?

Rosa: The staff and I are like a family. If something goes wrong, we always have each other’s back. We’re there for eachother. I also had a great mentor when I started with the company: Nelson in TriBeCa Tower. I loved working with him and still remember the lessons he taught me.

Lance: What’s the hardest part of your job?

Rosa: Just like any part of life, working with different personalities and mood swings can be challenging. Whether it’s staff or residents, everyone goes through stuff. I have learned to recognize people’s expressions and when they don’t feel like being social. I just leave them be until they do want to interact.

Lance: We appreciate your positive attitude always and we appreciate you. Thank you so much for your time!

Rosa: Thank you, Lance.