The holidays are the perfect time to thank the people who add value to your life. We are very lucky to live in this wonderful city, where we are surrounded by people who help us day in and day out. This is the time of year when it is customary to tip, however you may be unclear how much you should tip. The amount that you tip depends on numerous factors. Are you an owner, a renter, are you “high maintenance” or do you require very little attention? Do you receive many packages and ask for favors from time to time? What level of service do you receive? When to tip is also a good question to consider. Most doormen and service providers prefer to receive tips during the first few weeks of December so that they can use the money to do their own holiday shopping. Others prefer to receive tips spread out so that they don’t spend it all at once. In order to bring you the recommended tipping amounts based on service providers, I have aggregated information from Brick Underground, New York Times, and New York Magazine, among some lesser-known sources. I hope you will find this guide useful!

Building Super: $75-$175, though some give as little as $50 and as much as $500
Doorman/Concierge: $50- $300, though some give as little as $10 and as much as $1000 (try this doorman tipping calculator if you are undecided)
Porter/Handyman: $25-$100, though some give as little as $10 and as much as $1000
Garage Attendant: $25-$75, though some give as little as $15 and as much as $100
Housekeeper: 1-2 weeks of pay
Nanny: 1-2 weeks of pay or 1 week pay and 1 week paid vacation
Babysitter: 1 day/night’s pay
Dogwalker: 1 week of pay
UPS: $25-$50 if you receive a lot of personal packages, more if you receive business packages
USPS: Mail carriers are prohibited from accepting cash gifts, though many still receive them up to about $20 or more. Small tokens of appreciation are also common to give to mail carriers.
Hairstylist: $25-$50, or the cost of a typical styling
Manicurist: The cost of a typical service
Personal trainer: The cost of one session
Your child’s teacher: A gift valued at $25-$50
Elevator Operator: $20-$50
Newspaper carrier: $20